Hello, and welcome to my blog.

I am a 17-year old ambient artist, programmer and student from South Korea.
I have studied classical clarinet for 3 and a half years, and have been creating music and studying progamming since late 2013. My dream is to be both a musician and computer scientist.

I have expirienced programming a few years before I actually started to learn it seriously. My father introduced Scratch to me. I created a few simple games with it and it was quite interesting. After that, I did not really have a chance to study more about programming until 2011. Since learning Scratch was a part of the computer class in my middle school, I was able to learn more about the basics of programming in general. In addition to my school Scratch projects, I also worked on a rather large-scaled game project, but sadly I was not able to finish it because I was too busy with my clarinet lessons and practices. All the project data was lost at some point.

When I was in my 3rd year of middle school, I took a big turn. I decided to take a different path to music: I started to learn programming and compose ambient music rather than pursuing a career in classical clarinet. As I dove deeper into programming and composing music, I also grew interest in the convergence of technology and music, such as data sonification and algorithmic composition.

Since then I have studyed programming languages Python, Java, and JavaScript while reading various articles and posts regarding the topic. Attending IT-related camps, lectures, conferences and participating in a developer contest have also helped me in shaping up my future goal.

In September 2015, I realesed a mobile application TV Star Now on the Apple App Store. This app shows the TV schedules for favorite celebrities pulling out data from a server that automatically collects and stores broadcastring schdeules for major TV stations. There are still some internal bugs and errors to be resolved which I I hope to take care of soon.

I have released a split EP album titled Wintersphere with a fellow Korean ambient musician known as WeatherM (ex-GoodWeather). I have also released a solo EP album titled Floating in the Galaxy followed by two single releases. I have also participated in the Ambient Online Compilation Vol. 4 with an extended version of my previously-released track Re;Konstruct. You can listen to all tracks of mine on Soundcloud.